MS was established in 2018. Our brand positioning: create value for employers, create opportunities for job seeker , and make recruitment and job hunting convenient. Our services include:

    1. Personalized job search method (finding a job)
    Job seekers can search for positions according to their needs. They can save a lot of time in finding jobs while looking for suitable job recruitment information.

    2. Personal resume management system (personal resume)
    Provide members with a complete resume module, and members can complete a standard resume under the guidance of our resume wizard. The resume will be stored in the resume database of, and members can modify and update online at any time. Users can choose to send their resumes filled out on MSJOB via email to any company they want to apply for.

    3. Personal Online Job Search Management Center (MSJOB)
    Provide members with a complete resume module, and members can complete a standard resume under the guidance of our resume wizard. The resume will be stored in the resume database of, and members can modify and update online at any time. Users can choose to send their resumes filled out on MSJOB via email to any company they want to apply for.

    4. Establish a variety of professional communication channels for job seekers
    Many well-known companies and large enterprises are using MSJOB recruitment management software. According to the degree of publicity of your resume, companies can directly search the MSJOB resume database to provide you with more career opportunities; as long as you meet our search criteria, you have the opportunity to be recommended ; At the same time, the offline recruiters of MSJOB will pay close attention to the excellent talents in the website resume database. When there are attractive job vacancies that match your professional skills, we will contact you directly. MSJOB Privacy Policy Last update: August 13, 2020 *MSJOB has always solemnly promised to protect the privacy of users (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'users' or 'you') who use MSJOB and all its products and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'MSJOB services'). When you use MSJOB services, we may collect and use your relevant information. *This privacy policy is part of the MSJOB service statement and applies to all MSJOB services we provide. Before using the MSJOB service, please be sure to read and thoroughly understand this policy, and use the relevant products and services after confirming your full understanding and consent. Once you start or continue to use MSJOB services, it means that you have fully understood and agreed to this policy.
    1 Types of information we collect
    1.1 Information you provide to us
    1.1.1 Necessary information for using MSJOB
    When you use MSJOB, we ask you to provide and collect the following personal information about you. Such information is necessary to fully perform the services agreed between you and us, and to enable us to comply with our legal obligations. Without such information, we may not be able to provide you with all the services you request. *account information. When you register for an MSJOB account, we may ask you to provide information such as your name, email address, and mobile phone number. *Resume information and service item information. In order to use certain functions of MSJOB (such as creating a resume, sending a resume, etc.), we may ask you to provide additional information, which may include your job search status, place of residence, work experience, and some necessary content of education. *Communicate with recruiting companies in the recruitment system (including resume delivery, letters from employers, etc.). When you communicate with the recruiting company, we will collect information about your communication behavior and any information you choose to provide.
    1.1.2 Information you choose to provide us
    You can choose to provide us with additional personal information in order to obtain a better user experience when using MSJOB. This additional information will be processed based on your voluntary consent. Additional profile information. You can choose to provide additional personal information as part of your resume. As shown in your account settings, some of this personal information is part of your public profile page. When your resume is set to public or you actively send your resume to the recruiting company through MSJOB, this information will be disclosed to the recruiting company (MSJOB Provide three kinds of control authority for your resume, you can set personal resume control authority when you fill in the resume). The three control permissions for resumes are: (I) Open to all. Allow MSJOB professionals and recruitment companies that have passed MSJOB's review to have the right to use our resume database to search for your resume. If you want the most comprehensive job search service-job recommendation, interview invitation, etc., this service will be more suitable for you. (Ii) Open to MS. Only MSJOB professionals are allowed to use our resume library to search for your resume. We will recommend high-quality positions for you based on your work experience. MSJOB will also contact you from time to time and will confirm your latest job search intentions with you and provide you with more opportunities for your career development. (Iii) Complete confidentiality. You can fill in your resume on MSJOB, find your position and post your resume by yourself. Your personal information will not be searched by any personnel (including but not limited to MSJOB professionals, recruitment companies), and all information is completely confidential. However, if you want to be able to accept interview invitations or job recommendations, we recommend that you change this option and set the resume publicity to 'open to all'. *Personalized information. If you choose the personalized products or services we provide you, such as campus recruitment product services or social recruitment customized resume services, we will ask you to provide more personalized information according to the specific needs of the company’s recruitment work, such as: family Member and social relations, personal height, weight, health status, photos, etc. If you do not provide the required personalized information as required, it may affect your use of personalized products or services, but it will not affect your use of MSJOB other services besides this personalized product or service. *other information. You can also choose to provide us with other information when searching, updating or using other functions of MSJOB (in addition, MSJOB provides forums for visitors. If you visit these areas, any information you post will become public information. You are in The remarks and/or information published in these areas are personal actions and do not represent the position of MSJOB. MSJob does not bear any responsibility for such personal remarks and personal actions).
    1.2 Information we automatically collect when you use MSJOB services
    When you use MSJOB services, we will automatically collect information about the services you use and how to use related services, including personal information.
    1.2.1 Geographical location information.
    When you use certain functions of MSJOB, we may collect your precise or approximate location information. This information is determined by your IP address or GPS data of your mobile device in order to provide you with a better user experience. Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location services by apps in the device’s settings menu. Even when you are not using the app, we may still collect this information if your settings or device permissions allow this connection to be opened. Of course, if you refuse to grant us the corresponding permissions during the installation and/or use process, we will not record the corresponding information above.
    1.2.2Usage information. We will collect information about your interaction with MSJOB, such as the pages or other content you view, the service items you search for, and your other activities on MSJOB.
    1.2.3Usage information. We will collect information about your interaction with MSJOB, such as the pages or other content you view, the service items you search for, and your other activities on MSJOB.
    1.2.4Usage information. We will collect information about your interaction with MSJOB, such as the pages or other content you view, the service items you search for, and your other activities on MSJOB.
    1.3 Information we collect through third parties
    MSJOB may collect information about you (including personal information) provided by other parties when using MSJOB services, or obtain information from other channels, and integrate it with the information we collect through MSJOB services. We will not control, supervise or respond to how the third party that provides your information handles your personal data, and any information request for the disclosure of your personal information sent to us should be sent directly to such third party. *Third party services. If you associate your MSJOB account with a third-party service or use a third-party service to log in to your MSJOB account, the relevant third-party service may send us your registration information and personal data information in the service. Information varies from service to service, and is controlled by the relevant service or authorized by you through the privacy settings of the relevant service. *other sources. Where permitted by applicable laws, we may obtain additional information about you from third-party service providers and/or partners, and integrate such information with your information that we have. We can obtain your information and information about your activities inside and outside MSJOB through our partners, or your experience and interaction information on partner advertising networks.
    2. How do we use the collected information
    We use, store and process your information (including personal information) in accordance with the principles of 'lawful, proper and necessary' to provide, understand, improve and develop MSJOB, create and maintain a trusted and safer environment, and comply with Our legal obligations. Among them, if your personal information is involved, we will use technical means to de-identify the data, and the de-identified information will not be able to identify the subject. We have the right to use de-identified information; and under the premise of not disclosing your personal information, we can analyze and utilize the user database.
    2.1 Improve and develop MSJOB to provide you with better services. *Enables you to use MSJOB and get in touch with recruiting companies through MSJOB. *Operate, protect, improve and optimize MSJOB, such as conducting analysis and research. *Send you service or support information, such as privacy policy updates, letters from employers, event notices, etc. *Operate, protect, improve and optimize MSJOB to provide you with a personalized and customized experience (such as related job recommendations). Based on your interaction with MSJOB, your search and resume delivery behavior, your personal information and job search intentions, and other content you submit to MSJOB, we will conduct behavioral analysis.
    2.2 Create and maintain a trusted and safer environment
    *Detect and prevent fraud, abuse, security incidents and other harmful activities. * Carry out safety investigations and risk assessments. *Check against the database and other information sources, including background or police investigations within the limits permitted by applicable laws and with your consent when necessary. *Comply with our legal obligations. *Implement our terms of service and other policies.
    2.3 Provide personalized customization, evaluate and improve our advertising and marketing
    *According to your job application intention, search behavior and other information preferences (based on the resume information you provided to us, your interaction with MSJOB, information obtained from third parties, and your search and other records) conduct behavioral analysis, send you SMS, Marketing content such as emails, APP pushes, telephone invitations, advertisements, and other information that may be of interest to you (including information related to MSJOB, partner activities and services). *In order to provide you with more information that may be of interest to you (including recommended positions/companies, corporate campus recruitment seminars, corporate open day activities, etc.), we may use telephone invitations or text messages to notify you of your position, company, and line Download information about recruitment activities. * Personalize, evaluate and improve our advertising. *Manage referral programs, rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other activities or events hosted or managed by MSJOB or our third-party business partners. *Given that we have legitimate interests to carry out marketing activities and provide you with products or services that interest you, we will process your personal information according to the purposes listed in this article.
    3. We may share, transfer, and publicly disclose information
    3.1 After obtaining your explicit consent, we will share your personal information with other parties. For example: when you actively submit your resume to the recruiting company, or when you set your resume to 'public', your resume information will be shared with corporate users (ie, the recruiting company), including all the content you actively fill in your resume.
    3.2 In order to facilitate us to provide you with services based on associated accounts, recommend information that may be of interest to you, or protect the personal and property safety of MSJOB associated companies or other users or the public from infringement, your personal information may be shared with our associated companies .
    3.3 Only to achieve the purpose stated in this privacy policy, some of our services will be provided by us and authorized partners. We will only share your personal information for legal, legitimate, necessary, specific and clear purposes, and will only share personal information necessary to provide services in order to provide better customer service and user experience. Our partners must comply with our data privacy and security requirements and have no right to use the shared personal information for other purposes unrelated to products or services.
    3.4 In the event of a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation of MSJOB service providers, or other situations involving mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation, if the transfer of personal information is involved, we will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to receive Restricted by this policy, otherwise we will require the company, organization and individual to seek authorization and consent from you again.
    3.5 Special attention: In the following situations, sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing your personal information does not require your prior authorization and consent:
    3.5.1 In accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations, court orders, regulatory agency orders, or in accordance with government actions, regulatory requirements or requests;
    3.5.2 Reasonable and necessary use for the implementation of relevant service agreements or this policy, safeguarding the public interest, and protecting the personal and property safety or other legal rights of users, our customers, us or our affiliates, other users or employees ;
    3.5.3 In order to provide and optimize our services, third-party SDKs are embedded in our services. For example, you need to determine the geographic location of the recruiting unit in your job search, and you can call the positioning and navigation functions of Google Maps. When you call related functions, the third-party SDK may collect your personal common device information (hardware serial number, device MAC address, unique device identification code), network identification information and other identifiable information with us. All the above information will De-identified transmission.
    4. Your rights
    4.1 Manage your information
    You can access and update some of your information through your account settings. We encourage you to update and modify your information to make it more accurate and effective.
    4.2 Correction of inaccurate or incomplete information
    You have the right to ask us to correct your inaccurate or incomplete personal information (and information that you cannot update yourself in your
    4.3 Data retention and deletion
    Generally, we only retain your personal information for the necessary period of time to perform the services agreed between you and us and to comply with our legal obligations. If you no longer want us to use your information to provide you with MSJOB services, you can ask us to delete your personal information and turn off your MSJOB services. Please note that if you request to delete your personal information: *We may keep some of your personal information in order to comply with our legitimate business interests, such as fraud detection and prevention and improving security. For example, if the MSJOB service is disabled due to fraud or security reasons, we may retain certain information of the MSJOB account to prevent the user from creating a new MSJOB account in the future. *In order to comply with our legal obligations, we may retain and use your personal information. For example, MSJOB may retain some of your information for taxation, legal reporting and auditing purposes. *Even if your MSJOB account is cancelled, the information you shared with others may still be displayed publicly, but your attribution of such information will be deleted. In addition, some copies of your information (such as login records) may be kept in our database, but will be distinguished from personal identifiers. *Since we will maintain the MSJOB service to prevent accidental or malicious loss and destruction, the residual copy of your personal information may not be deleted from our backup system within a limited time. We will safely store your personal information and Isolate it from any further processing until the backup can be cleared or anonymity is achieved.
    4.4 Withdrawal of consent and processing restrictions
    If you have agreed to MSJOB's processing of your personal information, you can revoke your consent at any time by changing your account settings or sending information to MSJOB, and at the same time indicate which consent you want to withdraw. Please note that the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legality of any processing activities based on such c onsent before this withdrawal. *Please understand that when you access, modify and delete relevant information, we may require you to perform identity verification to protect the security of your account. At the same time, due to technical limitations, legal or regulatory requirements, we may not be able to meet all your requirements, but we will respond to your request within a reasonable period of time.
    4.5 Right of cancellation
    Under normal circumstances, you can complete your previously registered account through online self-service or contact customer service, and we will delete the account as soon as possible. Account cancellation may result in the erasure of all your user data and account information and is irrecoverable; but in certain circumstances, if reasonably necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, we will cancel your account After that, unidentifiable personal information is retained. If you encounter a situation where you cannot log off during the operation, possible reasons include but are not limited to the following: (1) The account to be cancelled has been delivered within 2 months; (2) There are valid value-added services in the account to be cancelled; (3) ) To cancel an account, you need a mobile phone number to verify your identity. The 'mobile phone number' has been repeatedly verified for account cancellation within the past 30 days. You can contact our customer service for details on the specific reasons why you cannot log off.
    4.6 Information storage
    The personal information collected and generated during our operations in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is stored in Myanmar, except in the following circumstances: (1) There are clear provisions in laws and regulations; (2) Obtain your explicit authorization; (3) You conduct personal active delivery and other activities through the Internet. Companies that provide services through MSJOB include a large number of multinational companies. The above-mentioned companies may use MSJOB services overseas or transfer your resume to overseas headquarters. In response to the above circumstances, we will ensure that your personal information is adequately protected in accordance with this privacy policy.
    5. Third-party websites
    Our website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. For products or services related to third-party-operated websites linked to the MSJOB website or contained in the MSJOB website, they are subject to their privacy policies, but this does not mean that MSJOB endorses or is responsible for the privacy policies of the third-party operated websites. In addition, there is a network alarm service on our website to respond to your emergency security requests.
    6. Security incident notification
    We will formulate emergency plans for network security incidents, and promptly deal with security risks such as system vulnerabilities, computer viruses, network attacks, and network intrusions. When an incident that endangers network security occurs, we will immediately activate emergency plans, take corresponding remedial measures, and follow Report the applicable laws and regulations to the relevant competent authorities. After a security incident occurs, we will promptly inform you of the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the handling measures we have taken or will take, the suggestions you can independently prevent and reduce risks, and the suggestions for Your remedies etc. We will promptly inform you of the relevant information of the incident via SMS notification, phone call, email and other contact information you reserved. When it is difficult to inform you one by one, we will adopt a reasonable and effective way to issue an announcement.
    7. Protection of minors
    Except as required by applicable laws, we will not knowingly collect personal information of minors (under the age of 18). We will limit the age in the related functions of information collection, and no longer provide options for the age range under 18 years old. To use MSJOB services, minors between the ages of 16 and 18 must register their accounts and fill in relevant information by their guardians. Minors should not provide us with personal information without the consent of their guardians.
    8. Changes to this 'Privacy Policy'
    MSJOB reserves the right to modify this 'Privacy Policy' at any time in accordance with this article. If we make changes to this 'Privacy Policy', we will publish the changed 'Privacy Policy' and update the 'last updated' date at the top of the 'Privacy Policy'. Due to the large number of MSJOB users, if this policy is updated, we will notify you by means of APP push notifications or announcements on the MSJOB official website. In order for you to receive the notification in time, it is recommended that you notify us in time when the contact information is updated. If you do not agree with the changed 'Privacy Policy', you can log out of your account. If you do not cancel your account before the changed 'Privacy Policy' takes effect, your continued access or use of MSJOB will be subject to the changed 'Privacy Policy'.
    9. Contact us
    If you have any questions or comments about this 'Privacy Policy' or MSJOB's information processing methods, you can send us an email at any time:
    Legal Notices
    1. Copyright:
    A. All content and charts in the MSJOB service platform are protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and related laws and regulations, and all international treaties on intellectual property rights that Myanmar has joined. MSJOB enjoys the complete copyright of the content on the platform, and it is not allowed to copy and adopt in any form without its permission. As long as the content and diagrams are not modified, the reserved content is not modified, and MSJOB's permission is obtained, MSJOB's materials can be used for other non-commercial purposes for off-net information.
    B. The application for permission to use MSJOB content is carried out in accordance with the principle of special approval; MSJOB welcomes applications from all parties; please submit the request directly to
    C. Do not copy or use the HTML created by MSJOB to make web pages without authorization. MSJOB has the copyright to its html. At the same time, MSJOB has full copyright to all icons, graphics, charts, colors, text expressions and combinations, layout design, and databases on its service platform, and has exclusive rights to publish and use the information that it publishes. With the written authorization of MSJOB, no one may use any content of MSJOB without authorization, including monitoring, copying, disseminating, displaying, mirroring, uploading, and downloading through programs or equipment such as robots and spiders.
    2. Trademark:
    The trademark of belongs to MS. The trademarks of MS partners in the MSJOB service platform belong to the partners.
    3. Responsibility:
    MSJOB, but reserves the right to monitor it in real time. MSJOB shall not bear any legal responsibility for materials input by other parties that are not issued by MSJOB. The applicant information publisher must independently bear all legal responsibilities for the format, content, and legality of the resume and materials stored in the resume center. The issuing party of the recruitment information shall independently bear all legal responsibilities for the materials published in the job database. MSJOB does not guarantee that a certain number of users will view a certain job description, nor does it guarantee that there will be a specific user to view it. MSJOB is not liable for the content of other websites linked on this platform.
    4. Use of service platform:
    A. Explicitly prohibit clauses: MSJOB services can only be used for legitimate purposes, that is, individuals seeking employment and employers seeking employees. MSJOB expressly prohibits any other use, and all users must ensure that it is not used for any of the following purposes:
    (1) Announce false, incomplete or inaccurate resume information in the resume center (including resumes issued for the purpose of finding a full-time or part-time job for others), and announce information that is not a resume, such as opinions, notices, commercial advertisements or Other content.
    (2) The company's competitors use this method to seek business contacts with employers.
    (3) Unauthorized deletion or modification of any other information published by individuals or companies.
    (4) Unauthorized printing, copying or use of any personal data about employees or business information about employers. Without consent, send e-mails, phone calls, send letters, or make any other contact with the person or company that publishes the information.
    (5) Publicize or expand the scope of disclosure of other people's resume data, personal information, etc., or sell or illegally provide it to any third party without consent.
    B. Platform security rules: Users are prohibited from destroying or attempting to destroy the security rules of the MSJOB service platform, including but not limited to:
    (1) Access to unauthorized data or access to unauthorized servers or accounts;
    (2) Without permission, attempts to probe, scan or test the weaknesses of the system or network, or undermine security measures;
    (3) Attempt to interfere with the service of users and the network, including, but not limited to, through overloading, 'mail bomb' or 'destroy' and other means;
    (4) Send promotion, product advertisement and service E-mail;
    (5) Forged TCP/IP data packet name or part of the name. Destroying the system or network may lead to crimes. MSJOB will investigate and intervene in the occurrence of such sabotage, and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to prosecute users of such sabotage.
    C. General rules: The following three situations are strictly prohibited:
    (1) Violate any current laws and regulations;
    (2) Infringe on others' copyrights and other intellectual property rights, infringe on others' commercial secrets or infringe on others' privacy rights and other personal rights;
    (3) Use this platform to transmit, distribute, and store defamatory, obscene, threatening, or abusive materials to damage others' materials.
    5. Suspension and suspension of use:
    Any user who has been confirmed by MSJOB to have violated the platform usage rules will receive a written warning. When the user agrees to indicate in writing that there will no longer be any violations, MSJOB has the right to decide whether to suspend the use. However, MSJOB can immediately suspend or terminate the service to the user without warning, if MSJOB considers it necessary; and repeat offenders will be immediately suspended or terminated.
    6. Except:
    In addition to the terms proposed in the information confidentiality of this platform, the user understands and agrees that MSJOB can provide comprehensive information to third parties for the user's application or recruitment purposes without disclosing their names. Unless required by judicial administration and other official duties, MSJOB will not disclose user-related information to any third party without my consent.
    7. Risk sharing:
    Users who use this service platform will bear certain risks: The materials on this platform are provided 'as in the case of...', and MSJOB does not make any explicit or implicit guarantees for the materials. MSJOB cannot guarantee that the special purpose of the material will not be obstructed or error-free, it cannot guarantee that the error will be corrected, and it cannot guarantee that this platform or the materials made into this platform will not contain viruses or other harmful ingredients. In terms of the use or results of the relevant materials, MSJOB does not make any guarantee or explanation for the correctness, accuracy, reliability and other aspects of the materials. The user (not MSJOB) will bear all the necessary service, repair and correction costs caused by this, unless the current laws and regulations express otherwise.