MS Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established on August 13, 2018. Its main business: corporate management consulting (legal, management, tax consulting, document handling), human resources services (recruitment, training), real estate brokerage services (real estate leasing/ sale), marketing services (online and offline promotion). The holding subsidiaries include MS Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. and MS Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. Currently, MS has three companies in Myanmar. Relying on the Internet + Information resources, MS company has deployed one-stop comprehensive services related to operation and management in Myanmar. In 2019, MS company’s facebook related homepage and main group have more than 3 million viewers per month. MS company in Myanmar has developed into a certain well-known company. In June 2020, company self-developed recruitment website was launched on MS's main business focus was adjusted to online and offline talent recruitment, and the embryonic form of transforming from an intermediary agency to an Internet company was initially completed. MS is committed to developing from Myanmar to the most influential talent recruitment network technology company in Southeast Asia.
Brand positioning: Create value for employers, create opportunities for job seeker, and make job recruitment easy.
Business values: Mutual achievement, Win cooperation.
Development mission: Committed to becoming the most influential talent recruitment network technology company in Southeast Asia.

MS Advantage
1. Facebook's network coverage is the first in the same trade in Myanmar. More than 100 people are promoted online, and there are more than 1,000 promotion channels. The promotion method has been standardized, accurate and standard. Myanmar online promotion covers more than 10 million people/time/month.
2. The business scope has formed a comprehensive operation management service, providing one-stop operation and management services for customers in Myanmar. Including: legal consulting, real estate leasing/sales, document handling, human resources services, management consulting, tax consulting, online and offline marketing and promotion, administrative logistics support and other services.
3. In 2019, it has become the first place in Myanmar's offline recruitment. The national talent resume database has more than 130,000 copies and has provided effective services to more than 4,000 clients.
4. Mandalay City ranks first in the total amount of information on the source of housing.
Mandalay’s housing resources reserve information is more than 6000PCS, and most of its counterparts in Mandalay have been integrated to provide customers with more high-quality housing resources options.
5. The first manpower agency in Myanmar that does not charge any fees for job seekers. Always adhere to integrity management, has established a good brand image in the same trade.
6. MS publicly promises not to publish any false information. Provide customers/users with sufficient truthful and effective information resources.

MS Development History
-On August 13, 2018, MS Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established.
-In March 2019, the MS Management Consulting Co., Ltd. team achieved profitability.
-On August 13, 2019, MS Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. was established.
-On September 9, 2019, MS Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. was established.
-In October 2019, MS served more than 2,000 customers, and the resume library reserves more than 40,000 copies. At the same time set up an online recruitment website development team.
-In December 2019, MS had more than 100 employees.
-In February 2020, MS successfully organized the 'First Myanmar Original Songs Network Selection Competition'.
-In April 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company suspended work and business, and MS launched the 'self-help mode' to further improve its business scope.
-During the July 2020 epidemic, MS's business model and team optimization internal reforms were completed.
-Work resumed in August 2020. The performance of the MS teams quickly recovered, and the company entered steady development. On August 13, online recruitment was officially launched.
-In September 2020, the outbreak of the second outbreak in Myanmar suspended work and business, and MS started the work-from-home mode for all employees.

MS does not cooperate with this five type customer
1. Customers who do not comply with laws and regulations do not cooperate.
2. Customers who made improper requests do not cooperate.
3. Do not cooperate with customers who cannot accept the quotation.
4. Customers who lack integrity or reputation do not cooperate.
5. Partial customers such as fraud and gambling do not cooperate.

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